What’s Next for Westlake High’s Top Five?

Westlake is back on the football field.

The high school football team announced Friday that the team is going to play in the first game of the school year.

The school will play its home games at Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, and it will host games at Roosevelt High School and Mount Vernon High School.

The first game is on Nov. 5 against Mount Vernon.

This marks the first time that the school has played in a neutral stadium since 2007, when it played its home opener in New York City against New York High School (New York High).

The school is expected to field a full roster for the game, but coach David Fuhrman said the team will only field one player on each team.

“I think it will be great for us to be able to get out there, play the games that we want to play and hopefully have a good experience,” Fuhlman said.

Westlake was ranked No. 1 in the latest USA TODAY Coaches Poll and No. 5 nationally in 2016.

The team was one of the first to make its debut in New Jersey in 2016, when a crowd of 6,000 attended a preseason game against St. John Fisher.

The game was sold out, and Fuhnman said he was surprised the crowd stayed up past the time the team would need to get a permit to play.

The club also has played a season-opening home game in 2017.

This is the third straight season Westlake has played its first game at Lincoln, and the last time it played at Roosevelt.

The Lincoln High grads have not been able to make it to the Big Ten Championship Game since 2012, when they lost to Michigan State in the national championship game.

Fuhdman has been a Westlake graduate since 2005, and his squad has been one of Westlake’s most successful programs since then.

Westlakes first home game came in 2005, when the team played a game at Mount Vernon, and a sold-out crowd of 10,723 watched the Westlake squad win the game.

The 2017 team went on to beat Penn State in front of a sell-out audience of 10 and a half million fans in the Rose Bowl.

The Westlake season ended in May, when all of its seniors left for the NFL draft.

The 2018 team is one of 10 teams who are still in school.

West Lake’s 2017 season ended after a 5-3 loss to West Virginia in the season opener.

This year, Westlake got a boost from a big win against the defending national champion Rutgers University.

West lakes 2017 team finished in fourth place in the nation with a 14-6 record, but its losses were the most in the country.

This was a season that Westlake missed the playoffs for the first of its five seasons, and last year, the program went 9-2 in its final two games of the season before finishing 11-3 overall and 12-1 in the Big East Tournament.

The next two years will be important for West Lake, as it has to find a way to win the West Lakes first game in the fall of 2019.

The Big Ten Conference is currently looking for a ninth member to join the league.

West Lakes top three players are wide receiver David Fruhmer (Minnesota), linebacker Chris Jones (Michigan) and cornerback Darius Hanks (Wisconsin).

Fruhmmer has started all 15 games he’s played this season, and Jones has started every game he’s been on since his junior year.

Fruhners best play came against Minnesota in the Cotton Bowl, where he intercepted the pass and returned it for a touchdown.

Fhhners most impressive play came in a 34-17 victory over West Virginia, when he caught two passes for 42 yards and a touchdown in the second half.

He also had a sack, and he was the only player on the team to break up a pass in the fourth quarter.

Hanks had a breakout year in 2018, and played every game for Westlanes first team and second team.

Hinks best performance came against Wisconsin, when Hanks was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year.

The two were tied for the team lead with five sacks.