How schools reopened in Florida amid cyber threats

Students at the Sarasota County School District said they were still being asked to go back to their classrooms after being cyber-threatened for two days last week.

The district said the cyber threats had nothing to do with the schools, which reopened on Tuesday.

But students were still told to go to their classes to complete assignments, a spokesman for Sarasota Public Schools said.

The threat came from a group calling itself “Operation North Star,” the district said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that school staff and students were asked to return to their labs.

The cyber threats also impacted the school’s cyber-security system, the statement said. 

The Sarasota school district said it was working with the Florida Department of Education to investigate.

The school district’s website said it is “investigating cyber-related incidents involving schools.”

The district did not identify the students affected by the cyber attacks.

The Florida Department to provide guidance to Florida schools on cyber security on October 7, 2018, in Sarasota, Florida.

(Photo: Mark Ralston, Getty Images)Sarasota Public School District spokesman Jason Zalewski said the school system had already implemented some changes to its cyber security system, including a “lockdown system” for students and staff.

Zalewski said the district was “currently assessing how we can better protect students and the schools from future cyber-attacks.”

The school system is not currently connected to the Internet.

Schools and libraries in the county reopened in Sarasotas two other districts: Clearwater and St. Petersburg.