Kentucky middle school students in Liberty Middle School to attend ‘freedom’ school

KYODO, Japan – Liberty Middle school will be hosting a class for the first time in the United States this fall, a change that is raising concerns among teachers.

The school, located in the middle of Kentucky’s sprawling Lexington County, is known for its emphasis on a liberal education, with its curriculum focusing on liberal arts, social studies, and foreign languages.

Its principal, Edie Oken, said the school will hold a class in September to teach the school’s first class.

The program, called “Freedom Day,” is designed to teach students how to stand up for their rights and freedoms.

Students will be able to bring their own cameras, computers and notebooks to help teach, she said.

Oken said Liberty will also hold a special class this fall for students who are under the age of 18, but said they will be given permission to bring students from other schools to participate.

The Freedom Day class will include English, math, science, and social studies classes, Oken said.

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