Why we should hate Trump and his supporters

It has been a week since Donald Trump won the election, and it’s already been an ugly week for American democracy.

We’ve had a number of people publicly call for violence against Trump supporters, and more recently a white supremacist has threatened to burn down a city with the promise of killing white people and burning down the American flag.

It’s been a divisive week for America, and we should all be concerned.

And yet, Trump has managed to survive.

If he wins the election this November, he will be the first president to hold the highest office in the history of the United States.

So it is time to be concerned about the new president.

Here are six ways that Trump is a dangerous president: 1.

Trump Has a Pattern of Insulting Women and People of Color He has made the election a referendum on America’s gender and racial divisions.

When he took office, it seemed like he was going to change everything.

But now, Trump is making things worse.

After months of saying he was willing to work with women and people of color, Trump seems to have changed his tune.

He told a group of white nationalists to “get that baby out of the way” of a crowd of protestors and told a protester that she should “get out of here,” while his wife, Melania, also took to Twitter to condemn “both sides.”

He tweeted that he didn’t think the alt-right “deserves to be in the White House,” and he said that he would fight for “the right to keep and bear arms.”

He has said that his supporters would never “be in any danger.”

On Wednesday, the president tweeted, “No one is saying we should have the Second Amendment, but I do think we should be able to defend ourselves.”

He then went on to retweet a number for his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Trump’s attacks on women and the people of colour he has attacked on Twitter have been particularly alarming.

The day before the inauguration, he tweeted, “[I]t is no longer acceptable to insult a disabled reporter or someone with a disability in this country, period.”

And on Thursday, he retweeted a message from a man named James Fields, who drove his car into a crowd and killed Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old woman, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Fields is a white nationalist who reportedly posted on his Twitter account, “I’m a white guy who loves white girls.”

Trump has continued to attack Black Lives Matter activists, calling them “snowflakes” and “scumbags” and accusing them of “being paid to go in the streets.”

He also called them “animal rights extremists.”

He even accused Black Lives Matters of having ties to the terrorist organization ISIS.

On Friday, Trump retweeted an image from a white man who said he was “the next John Lewis,” a civil rights leader who was assassinated by a white extremist in 1963.

Trump has also called Black Lives Mobs “criminals” and said that Black Lives have to “be shot.”

And, on Friday, the Whitehouse issued a statement saying that Trump has “used his office to further divide Americans,” adding that the president’s actions have led to “the polarizing of American communities and further eroding trust in our democratic institutions.”


Trump Is a Threat to Democracy He has been elected president by a majority of Americans who do not believe in a free and fair election.

They have voted to elect someone who has shown a willingness to undermine democratic norms, including the rule of law, respect for minorities, and an end to discrimination.

They feel the need to elect a president who is not only ignorant, but also deeply unfaithful to them.

He has attacked members of the press, calling reporters “dishonest” and telling a reporter who asked him a question during a press conference, “That’s not a fair question, that’s not accurate,” and has called reporters “sick.”

He’s threatened the press and journalists, even going so far as to call the National Park Service “fake news” in his first speech as president.

The president has also suggested that a special prosecutor should investigate his campaign, a suggestion that the attorney general and attorney general are currently considering.


Trump Will Destroy America He is the most divisive president in modern American history, but he will not be the last.

We have seen this pattern before.

In the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt and the Republicans in Congress passed a series of anti-immigrant legislation, and the Republican Congress and the Democratic president, Herbert Hoover, passed similar measures.

The Republican-controlled Congress passed an anti-Catholic law, and Roosevelt’s administration went to court to stop it.

The anti-labor legislation was passed, and a Supreme Court decision in 1939 made it legal for employers to fire workers for union activity.

But, when the Supreme Court struck down the anti-union law, the Republican-dominated Congress repealed it.

In 1950, President