Which school will you attend?

Some parents are finding it tough to decide which of the many schools they want to send their children to.

“It is a tough decision, but I do want to get a good education for my children,” said Anna Molloy, 42, from Lismore.

She has two daughters and said she wanted to send her youngest, who is nine, to an Ivy League school.

Ivy League schools are in the top 50 in the country, but only a small proportion of them are in Victoria.

The schools have a focus on academic achievement, but parents say they are not the best places for their children, especially if their child has autism or other special needs.

At Granite Grammar School in Goulburn, parents are also struggling to decide what to do with their daughter, who has autism.

A spokeswoman for the school said there was a range of schools in the area.

It is not unusual for parents to take their children at different stages of their education and the school is not forced to make any decisions, she said.

Parents say it is often a decision to take your child at a young age, or when there is a better school nearby, or if there is the option of working on a degree or a career.

While schools in Melbourne have made decisions to open up more schools, some say they do not want to see schools closed.

Melbourne City Council said it would work with parents to determine which schools they would like to see open.

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