Former tech billionaire tells Recode: I’ll be a charter school advocate

Former tech mogul Jeff Bezos will be attending Recode’s Code Conference next week to discuss the future of tech education.

The conference will be hosted by Bloomberg and will be livestreamed.

Bezos will address the Code Conference at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, Florida, on February 28, 2017.

“I’m very excited to be in Orlando for the Code conference, because I believe that it’s an ideal time to build on the momentum we’re seeing in education, to make education more affordable, more accessible, more efficient, and, most importantly, to help people learn and thrive,” he said in a statement.

“If we can make education better and better, I will join the conversation.”

The former chief executive and founder of Blue Origin will be joining the tech-focused event to talk about the future for the industry.

The Code Conference is an annual gathering of tech industry executives.

It was created in 2016 by Bloomberg, which launched the conference as a way to engage and build on industry trends.

The event is not the first time Bezos has joined Bloomberg in the past.

In February, he hosted a conference titled “The Future of Education,” which was moderated by Bloomberg.

The event is being hosted by the Atlantic Council and will feature top business executives and academics from across the country and around the world.

The company is expected to hold a press conference to share more about its plan to bring more than 50 charter schools to the United States by 2019.

The Bloomberg event will be held on February 7 at 8 p.m.

ET, which is a day before the Code Convention.

The full transcript of the CodeCon event will not be released until the Code conferences website is updated.

How to be the coolest college student in college

The coolest college students in the country have to do a lot of things, including be creative and have a knack for making people laugh.

So how can they survive and thrive in the toughest job market in the world?

Here are six tips from our friends at the College Humor podcast.


Be kind to your peers.

One of the best ways to build friendships and relationships is through humor.

And if you’re a college student, the best way to get to know your fellow classmates is by doing funny stuff together.


Laugh in the face of your own mortality.

If you’re going to die, laugh at your own humor.

If someone’s dying, laugh too.

The best time to laugh is in the moment, but also in the process of dying.

The longer you laugh, the more people around you will laugh and the less likely you will die.


Live life with purpose.

College is tough, but it’s a life full of life.

College has a lot to offer, and it’s important to find ways to make the most of what you have.


Be funny and not be mean.

If your friends and family know that you’re funny, they’re more likely to laugh at you when you’re not.

The more you laugh at the world around you, the less people will notice that you don’t have a life.


Don’t expect anything from life.

People have funny names.

People are just as good at making people uncomfortable.

You can’t expect to be popular if you don’t give it your all.


Learn to laugh.

Don’ t get angry.

College doesn’t teach you how to act like a jerk.

It teaches you how not to act.

So don’t expect that when you take your last breath, you’ll have to explain why you’re so angry.

Freedom High School Closed Due to Hurricane Florence

A former high school in Volusia County, Florida, has closed for the third time this week, due to Hurricane Florentine.

The Freedom High school, located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida’s Palm Beach County, is a former high-school.

The school was closed to students and staff on Tuesday and was expected to reopen Wednesday.

It was closed for about four weeks due to Tropical Storm Florence, which has a maximum sustained winds of 100 mph.

The Sunshine State was the first to suffer from the storm, with nearly 200 deaths and over $6 billion in damages.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been in contact with students and parents and has placed the Freedom High students on lockdown, which they will continue until further notice.

Students and staff will be able to return to school Thursday and Friday, the school said in a statement.

The National Hurricane Center reported a wind gust of 75 mph and Hurricane Florence as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday.

How to keep your kids safe in Birmingham city schools

The Birmingham City Schools has faced criticism for its decision to close two schools in Birmingham due to overcrowding.

Birmingham City Council’s chief executive, Sir Michael Meacher, said the closures would be reviewed and the schools would be reopened as soon as possible.

“The schools have been in operation for some time, with many students coming from outside the area,” Mr Meacher said.

“We want to make sure that the children we educate are well prepared to go on to university and to build a strong future.”

“As we have learned from past experiences we know that the most important thing is to ensure that every child has a safe and secure environment.”

So we are making a series of adjustments to the schools to ensure they are ready to serve the needs of the community.

“Birmingham council chief executive Sir Michael Emmer said the closure of the Birmingham High School would be assessed to ensure the schools were prepared for the future.”

These are significant changes to the facilities, we will assess how the schools are doing over time and how we can make sure they are safe and well equipped to meet the needs and requirements of the future,” he said.

Birchland Primary School in the centre of Birmingham will be closed and will be replaced by the newly opened Birmingham City School.

Bircham Primary School will be opened as a school in the middle of Birmingham City Centre and the School will house a new high school for boys and girls.

Mr Meacher has previously said the schools had been operating in good condition.

Birchington Primary School was the first school to be closed in Birmingham, opening in May 2016.

It closed due to an increase in the number of students coming to the city.

The closures will affect about 1,500 pupils.

Mr Emmer has previously expressed concerns about the number and quality of school supplies being supplied to Birmingham.”

A lot of children are coming from all over the city, and I think it’s a very serious concern,” he told the ABC’s AM program.”

This is the first time in a long time that we’ve seen the situation where we’re seeing such a high demand for school supplies.””

This has got to stop, we can’t allow this to continue, it’s unacceptable.

“I have no doubt in my mind that we will be able to find a solution.”