Teacher resigns over rape allegation

Teacher Abhay Thakur of a public school in the town of Rupala in New Jersey is resigning from his post amid a sexual harassment allegation.

The Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Prakash Javadekar, said the incident took place on March 10.

Thakurs wife is also under police scrutiny.

“I have been asked to provide information on the matter.

The incident took the life of the teacher who was a beloved figure among our students,” Javadekar said.

Thakur, a teacher for about a year, allegedly raped a student in the early hours of March 10 and then threatened to expose the incident to the media, but the incident was not reported to the authorities, the New Jersey school district said in a statement.

According to the school district, the teacher is still employed and has not resigned.

The district said it was unable to comment on the case.

The Rupalas public school was one of the last in the country to open its doors to the public, and Thakura had been the school’s headmaster for three years.

“While he had no previous experience, the student was a young student who was in a new school,” said Dr. Michael DeBruyn, the district’s chief medical officer.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to him and his wife for their kind and supportive treatment,” he added.

The superintendent of the school, Dr. Mark D. Gogel, told The Associated Press that Thakuria, who is now in his 30s, was a mentor to students.

The incident took on a life of its own after the teacher and the student went to the local police station for a report.

A day later, a report was filed in the police’s case files against Thakuran, who was allegedly assaulted by a man.

A district representative told The New York Times that he was not a victim of sexual assault and that Tharkur had been under police surveillance since March 10 when he allegedly exposed the sexual encounter to the world.

The New Jersey state school board said the allegations were being investigated by a separate unit and had not been confirmed.

In an interview with The Associated News, Javadeker denied the allegations and said he had not heard about them until Friday.

“This is a very unfortunate situation that took place,” Javades said.