How to get a more accurate assessment of the state of Australian education

Education Minister Simon Birmingham says the government is considering changing the way schools are rated in an effort to improve student outcomes.

Mr Birmingham says there are issues with the way many schools are managed.

He says it is too easy for teachers to get caught up in the process of grading their students.

“If you’re teaching in a state like NSW, where you have a lot of different systems, it’s easy to get into the habit of making that assessment of student performance,” he said.

“There’s no way to do that with the system we have in Australia right now.”

Mr Birmingham said it was important to understand how school quality has been improving across the country.

He said teachers were now working harder and more effectively to ensure their students are learning the right things.

“The fact is that our teachers are doing an incredible job and we need them to be even more effective,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We need more effective teachers in every school.”

School quality issues The National Education Standards Authority (NEA) says it has identified more than a dozen areas of concern in Australia’s education system.

Among those are the lack of a clear definition of what is considered a “good” and “poor” school.

Mr Johnson says teachers are not getting the best value for money and that is why there is a need for an independent body to oversee the system.

“Schools are a marketplace of ideas and that means schools have to have a very good reputation,” he says.

He says the NEA will soon be putting together a draft report on how to improve school quality. “

So we need an independent agency that’s doing that.”

He says the NEA will soon be putting together a draft report on how to improve school quality.

Mr Bentley says the changes will go beyond changing the system to improving teacher quality.

“It will be about making sure that all teachers have the skills they need, so they’re trained and able to work with students and deliver a quality education to the community,” he explains.

“And that’s the whole point of the changes.”

The NEA is currently working with schools to identify the best methods to improve teacher quality, including by reducing the number of exams required, making teachers more flexible and introducing better teaching strategies.

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How VA is hiring people to help with massage therapy


— VA is trying to fill a massage therapist job gap by hiring a group of educators to help them create the first-ever massage therapy school.

A program called “Massage Therapy Academy” was started last year at VA, the agency’s Department of Health Care Management.

The VA says it is the first time a VA program has hired more than one employee to do the same job.

“We have a lot of talented people and we want to hire them, but we have a shortage of staff,” said Donna Naylor, a VA spokeswoman.

“So it’s about finding a way to fill the gap.”

The program was created by former VA employee, Barbara Cottone.

She said she has been teaching massage therapy for 30 years.

VA said the new staff members are working at two VA medical centers, but they will work at all VA medical facilities, including hospitals.

They will be trained in the massage therapy industry, including how to prepare massage therapy equipment, how to make the equipment work and the importance of being in the field when training is completed.

It is not the first VA program to hire teachers for massage therapy, but it is a first, the VA said.

The VA says more than 1,400 people have applied to be massage therapists in the past six years.

That number includes more than 30 people who are licensed and have had their license renewed, and others who have applied, said Cottones spokeswoman Naylor.

But for those who haven’t gotten a license yet, the government says there is another option.