When ‘School Girls’ fans don’t want to go to school, they call for a ‘no school’ sign

SCHOOL GIRLS — School girls have taken to social media to call for schools to stop allowing them to go back to their old schools.

On Wednesday, a group of parents and students at the University of Southern California sent a letter to President-elect Bill Clinton urging him to end the ban on girls attending school in public.

“As the first black student to graduate from the University, and the first female undergraduate enrolled in a prestigious college, I have been forced to leave school as a child, and now live in the shadow of my former classmates, both my biological family and those of my peers,” the letter reads.

The group says that when they left their high school and college, they were taught to “stay home, go to the mall, and wear shorts and flip-flops.”

They also say they’ve been encouraged to “leave the school” to “work in the corporate world or go on vacations,” as they were “bored and lonely.”

“I know that my classmates and I are still young and full of energy and joy, but I cannot leave the school that gave me my confidence and gave me a sense of belonging,” the mothers write.

They say they’re tired of being called “kids” and “girls,” and have “felt trapped” and confused when they want to leave the house.

Students at the university were not immediately available for comment.

In 2016, a number of schools banned girls from wearing skirts or revealing clothing at graduation.