How the White House has defended Trump’s school counselor ban

The White House on Friday defended the administration’s school-counseling ban, arguing that the move was meant to prevent violence and protect the safety of students.

President Donald Trump has said he would end the ban on school counselors and school-related staff and allow counselors to serve in other positions as the administration works to reduce the nation’s violence.

But the White Senate has rejected the proposal, arguing the administration has not taken the steps necessary to eliminate the scourge of school violence.

“The Department of Justice has not proposed a comprehensive approach to addressing school violence that is effective and sustainable,” a White House official said in a statement.

“We will continue to work with Congress to ensure that these measures are effective, workable, and are not in conflict with other efforts to protect students from violence and harassment.”

As the administration continues to work to protect the public from the scourge and prevent violence in schools, we are confident that our actions will keep our students safe and keep our communities safe.

“School counselors serve as a vital and necessary component of a safe school environment and the safety and security of students are our highest priorities,” the official said.

“Our work is ongoing and we will continue our efforts to ensure all students have safe schools, and we look forward to working with Congress and the Administration on this issue as part of their legislative efforts.”

The White House also argued that it was not the administration who initiated the proposal.

The proposal was submitted to the Office of Management and Budget, the White house official said, and OMB did not decide to approve it.

A school-based violent incident report filed by the Justice Department in September showed that since 2015, there had been more than 6,000 violent school-to-prison pipeline incidents nationwide.

About 2,500 of those incidents were fatal, according to the report.

School counselors are tasked with working with students to reduce violent behavior.

The Department of Education has said they are not responsible for any of the students who are arrested or prosecuted for committing a violent crime.

The Justice Department has said it plans to open a school-preparation center in the city of Chicago and that it is exploring the possibility of a federal law that would require school counselors to undergo a background check and provide school counseling to students.