When the world’s most beautiful schoolgirl is on a date

A beautiful school girl has had her heart broken by her boyfriend.

Key points:Cynthia, 16, and her boyfriend are both from Victoria, and they are dating for the first time”Cynthys story is very touching”The two were recently on a trip to Sydney and met in a local barThe two had been seeing each other for a few months before Cynthia’s boyfriend broke up with her and she was on a whirlwind date with another man.

“She’s been really, really down for a couple of weeks and she’s been struggling with this breakup,” her friend, Trish Walker, told the ABC.

“And she was very desperate for him to break up with the other man and he’s been like, ‘No, I’m going to be with you’,” Ms Walker said.

“Cindy was just so, so sad.

Cyn’s story is really touching.”

Cyn has been through this before, but never with her boyfriend.”

Cyn’s story is really touching.

She’s had a very difficult time dealing with this boyfriend’s breakup.

TrishWalker, friend and teacherCyn is from Victoria and is a schoolgirl at Northbridge High School.

She met her boyfriend, Anthony, on an internet dating site and he introduced her to his friend, who is also from Victoria.

“He just said that he loved her,” she said.

Cyn said she found her first boyfriend was also from the same country and had a good relationship with his partner.

“I met this guy and we got engaged and it was so great, he was so sweet, he took care of her,” Ms Walker told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“It’s just been really rough for her, really.

She’s really struggling.”

We’re all struggling together.

We’re all in this together.

“Anthony, a construction worker from Perth, has since left the relationship.”

The last thing I want to do is be in a relationship with a guy who is not the best person for me, I just don’t want that,” he told the media on Monday.”

As much as I love her, I feel like we need to just get back together and get a new relationship going, and I don’t think we’re ready for that right now.

“Cindys story about her relationship with her first ever boyfriend has gone viralCyns story is so touching.

She has had a really difficult time coping with this, especially since Anthony has left the marriage.

Trish WalkerThe couple have had a tumultuous relationship, and Ms Walker described the experience as a “bit of a nightmare”.”

It feels like everything that you would expect to happen to someone in a situation like this would happen, and it’s just not,” she told the BBC.”

For me, it was very emotional for her.

It’s just heartbreaking.

“Trish said the couple have been struggling for a while.”

This is the first boyfriend she’s ever had, and he was very good at being the man of the house, but I just felt he was not the person for her,” Trish said.

Anthony’s partner, Andrew, also from Perth has left their relationship.

He told the Herald Sun they had split because they couldn’t deal with the relationship being on the verge of breaking up.”

Anthony’s ex-girlfriend, Emma, also told the paper she had not seen Cynthia since she broke up. “

It’s a huge amount of work.”

Anthony’s ex-girlfriend, Emma, also told the paper she had not seen Cynthia since she broke up.

“I just didn’t want to see her, and my family and my friends couldn’t really get through to me,” she added.

“When she broke her heart, she broke my heart.”

Anthony and Cynthia met online in the US in 2016.

Ms Walker said the pair had been dating for about six months before they started seeing each another.

“There was just a really great chemistry between us,” she explained.

Cyn was a first time relationship before her break upBut after a week of dating, Cynthia and Anthony decided they could not be together anymore.

“Then, after two weeks, we broke up and then they told me, ‘I don’t like you, I don, I can’t be with her,'” Cynthia said.

She said she was “heartbroken” and was not sure what to do.

“Anthony was very, very protective of her and very, really, very supportive,” Ms Cynthia said of her boyfriend and the family.

But when Cynthia contacted the authorities, she found out Anthony had already left the US.

Anthony and Trish are both still on holiday in Sydney, and Cynthia said the two were trying to figure out what to put in their relationship plans.

“Now, with the break up, I want this to be a relationship I can count on,” she wrote on Facebook.

Anthony has been on holiday with friends and family in Sydney.

He is due to arrive in Melbourne on Monday, but Ms Walker is worried Cynthia may