How to help school district with a $2 million donation

A Melbourne school district is trying to raise $2.5 million to cover a $10,000 debt it has to pay to pay the school’s principal, a teacher and the district’s accountant.

The school district has also had to pay back a debt to its treasurer and the school treasurer’s office, who has been handling the district finances since the last budget.

In May, the district agreed to pay $5,000 to the school to cover the debt, but it still needs to pay off the debt.

School treasurer James Molloy said the district was also paying back a $6,000 loan from the Victorian Government.

“We have a lot of work to do and we have to make sure we’re meeting our obligations,” Mr Molloys said.

He said the school district would work with the Treasurer and Treasurer’s office to ensure the school debt was repaid in full.

“It’s going to be a very challenging time for the school,” Mr Yonge said.

“We’ll continue to work through our debt and repay it.”

But it’s going be a challenge.

“Mr Mollhews has been trying to reach the school for more than a month, but the school has refused to pay, saying it has already paid the debt off.”

If we’re going to continue to make payments we’re gonna have to borrow money.””

We’ve been told that we have about $9,000 left to pay our debt, which is about $10k less than what we need to pay.”

If we’re going to continue to make payments we’re gonna have to borrow money.

“That’s going into a new account, which we’re not sure we can do, and so we’re taking out another $10.00 of debt to cover that, so we’ve got about $7k in the hole.”

I think we’re pretty well behind the curve on this.

“He said it was a difficult time for all of the school and community members.”

This is the worst possible time to be in a situation like this,” Mr Cadell said.

He said a lot had changed since he was a student and had not seen his father in years.”

A lot of people, we’ve lost a lot,” he said.

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