Trump’s first full-fledged campaign for president hits home in South Carolina

President Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House has reached its highest point in South Carolinas.

The president’s campaign headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina, has been home to Trump for more than a month, and the candidate has already used the building to launch a flurry of media events.

Trump, who is scheduled to make his campaign kickoff in Charleston later this week, has made more than 200 stops in South Florida, which includes Palm Beach, the home of the presidential mansion, and to campaign in the Sunshine State for Hillary Clinton.

The President’s first campaign appearance is scheduled for Monday at the historic Washington Memorial Auditorium in the Florida State Capitol.

The campaign has also launched a television advertising blitz across South Florida and in Orlando.

The rallies in South Palm Beach and South Beach, both at night, have attracted more than 300,000 people and raised more than $6.5 million for the campaign, according to Trump campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The rally will be the most expensive rally ever for a president, according the campaign.

It will also be the first in a three-day span on Monday and Tuesday, and it will air on the NBCUniversal cable network.

The Trump campaign is also taking a more aggressive approach to fundraising, with Trump’s Super PAC, the Donald J. Trump Victory Committee, announcing it will spend $100 million on television ads in South and Florida.

The Super PAC announced that it would spend $5 million on ads in each of the three states.

Trump’s national finance committee also announced a $100,000 advertising blitz in the state.

A rally in South Carlsbad, California, is scheduled at the Washington Memorial Arena for Tuesday.

The venue will also host the Trump Victory Fund, a super PAC that will spend more than half of the campaign’s $4 million ad blitz.

The Donald J, Trump Victory fund is one of the first super PACs to spend big on television advertising, raising $4.5 to $5.2 million for Trump.

The candidate’s campaign is expected to spend another $4 to $4,000 on ads through Wednesday.

Trump will campaign in North Carolina on Thursday.

He will hold a campaign rally at the Statehouse in Raleigh on Friday.

Trump is expected next to South Carolina on Saturday.

A Trump campaign event in Myrtle Beach, South Carps, is slated for 6 p.m. local time.

Trump has also been in Florida for nearly a month.

On Saturday, Trump is scheduled speak at the National Republican Congressional Committee headquarters in Tampa.

The event will be at 1 p.