South High School’s ‘Wet Wet Wet Wet’ Day: You Might Need to Wear a Bandana

South High students have become famous for wearing wet, wet, Wet Wet Wets, or “wet, wet wet wets” as a way to celebrate the school’s annual Wet Wet, Wet Day.

The day was originally created by student Jonathan B. Johnson, who wrote a book about the day.

It’s now one of South High’s most popular events.

But this year’s Wet Wet is no ordinary day.

The South High Wet Wet Day has been described as one of the most diverse, vibrant, and beautiful days on campus in recent memory, with students from all over the state of California, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands participating.

According to the South High Student Government Association, more than 50 students from the state attended the event.

The event took place on June 26, when students were allowed to wear wet wicks to the event as long as they were wearing “wetsuits, hoodies, and rain boots.”

According to The Huffington Post, students from other states also took part, but there were not as many students from South High as in past years.

The Wet Wet day is a fun day to have on campus, as the student government has stated it will be a “major event” this year.

But there’s something about the event that is even more unique than the wet wicking and dry clothes.

In fact, South High has said that the wet, dry, Wet Wet Day will be their most popular day since 2006, when they were able to wear the wetsuits.

While some students may feel like they’re wearing wetsuit and hoodie every day, others have been able to dress as their favorite characters from the Disney movies or TV shows.

This year’s event is expected to attract a large crowd.

While the event was originally set to start on June 25, it has been postponed to July 1.

While this may be the first year that the students from different states have been invited to participate in this event, it does not mean that they will not be able to attend.

According, The Huffington States, the Wet Wet days schedule is set up so that the majority of students from each state can attend, as each state has its own unique requirements.

For instance, South Hills students in Texas must bring their ID, but students from Oklahoma and Louisiana can dress as characters from other shows and movies.

And while the Wet Wetting Day has become a big deal on campus since 2006 and the day is so popular, there are still some restrictions.

Students must stay in the school dormitory during the Wet Watchers event, which can include having their wets on during the day and washing up afterward.

This is not something that many South High student have been allowed to do, but the school is hoping that some of the students who attend the event will be able.

As a result of the event, South high students have been wearing wicks and hats to the Wet witting day, as well as taking photos and making video of themselves doing the activities.

Students from other universities have also been invited.

According the South Hills Daily Herald, a South High spokesperson said that students from colleges and universities are invited to attend the Wet Widening Day.

However, this year the school has asked students to dress like the characters in the Disney film Frozen, which is based on a Disney series.

The students have also requested that they wear their wicks in their hair to help them keep their hair healthy.

According The Huffington Posts, the students have created a petition that has over 1,200 signatures.

The petition calls on the university to allow students to wear wets to the schoolwide event.

“This event is very popular, and we want everyone to be able go out and enjoy the event and participate,” the petition reads.

Students also have asked the South School District to cancel the Wet Wenchers event due to the potential health risks.

“If you’re attending this event you are risking your health by not wearing a wetskin or hoodie, and it can cause infection if you have a skin infection,” the students wrote in the petition.

“Wetting is one of those conditions where it’s really easy to get infected.

The risk is really low, and there is no way to avoid it, so I would urge you to not attend this event.

It is unsafe.”

South High, a public university in South Carolina, has said in a statement that it will continue to work with the student body and students on the Wet wetwetting day.

“We will continue working with our student body, our faculty and staff to ensure that students have the best experience possible, both on and off campus,” the statement reads.

The school also said that it would continue to monitor the health of students at the event to ensure they are not at increased risk.

According To The Huffington states, South is one in a number of South high schools that have held Wet Wet Watches this year, as