Clayton County Schools reopen, but students won’t get tattoos

Closer to school than ever before, students will be getting their first tattoo this summer.

Schools in the Clayton County area will be reopened after being closed for a week to get students a fresh start.

The schools are being reopened as part of the closure that began Thursday, which also resulted in students having to take a bus home to school.

Clayton County Schools spokesman Matt Mays said the school district is doing a good job with the students and their families, but there is a lot more work to be done.

Mays said counselors and social workers will be on site at the schools, and the district is working to make sure all students are receiving the best education possible.

The closure also affected a number of elementary schools in the district, which have closed for the week.

The Clayton County schools are located in the town of Lumberton and are home to a high school, a middle school and a junior high school.