Pasco school officials will soon open enrollment in the fall: Officials

Pasco, Washington — Pasco’s school system is set to open the doors of its first school for kindergarten through third grade in less than a year, but many parents are still waiting for the start of the year.

The Pasco School District opened the doors to kindergarten for kindergartners in the early hours of Nov. 15.

Now, students can begin kindergarten at the school’s elementary school, the elementary school at the high school and the middle school.

But many parents, frustrated by delays and lack of school support, are still fighting for an opening to the elementary and middle schools.

“I would like for it to be early, but I want it to start soon,” said Maryanne L. Fazio, a mother of two children at the middle schools.

“I want to start at kindergarten, but at this point I’m not sure that it’s going to be in September or October, so we’re going to wait until it opens,” she said.

The district has been working to open kindergarten in the district’s schools for nearly a year.

The district has a limited number of kindergarten spaces available and they are reserved for students with special needs.

In October, the district opened the kindergarten doors to third graders at Pasco Public Schools for the first time.

Now that it is open, the Pasco public schools will have four kindergartens.

However, some parents are upset that they still haven’t seen a kindergarten start date for their child.

District spokeswoman Laura Crampton said in a statement, “At this time, we are waiting for school to open for the next students and will begin the school year in the coming weeks.”

Some parents said they are frustrated with the district for not doing more to open schools in the first weeks of the school term.

“When they’re not opening schools, we’re waiting for them to open, but now we’re not even sure when they’re going,” said Lisa Smith, a Pasco resident who said she is still waiting to see if she will see her daughter start kindergarten.

“They’re not going to open their doors until the fall.

We’ve been waiting this long,” said Michelle Smith, another Pasco mother.

“We are hoping for this school year to start early, and they’re just going to keep waiting,” said Smith.

The school district is asking parents to take advantage of the “first day of school” opening program, which is offered by the Pascom School Association.

Families can register for the program and get access to their child’s kindergarten classes.

The association said they will be opening all kindergarten classrooms and elementary classrooms as soon as they can open the facilities.

If you are a parent who is not on the first day of class, you can sign up for the school association’s “first-day of school program” and receive your child’s class times for the year, said Jennifer Smith, Pasco Superintendent.

“We are very thankful that parents are excited to be able to have their children participate in the program.

We understand that they’re frustrated that they are waiting, but we understand the frustration as well,” Smith said.

For families that are still not able to enroll their children, they can still request an appointment with the school district.

Pasco District Schools also offers free lunch to students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Pasco Public School District is a charter school district operated by the city of Pasco.

The school district was created by the Washington State Legislature in 2015 and opened in 2017.